*What is April's background in photography?

April started her love affair with photography when she was 14 and published at 16. Since, she has earned a Bachelors Degree in Professional Photography from the world renowned Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, Ca. She focused on Commercial, Advertising Photography and Portraiture. People are her passion and children bring her joy! She has worked as a lead photographer in multiple companies in Los Angeles, corporate and non-corporate, and owned studios in Bakersfield and West Los Angeles. April has lived in New York working in the advertising and fashion world of photography, as well. She extends her passion and abilities to commercial work for companies focused on children be it clothing, furniture, toys, etc.

April offers one-on-one attention teaching in subjects such as: in studio and natural lighting, basics of your camera, photoshop and retouching, and photograhy techniques. If you are interested in taking one-on-one classes from April, please let her know!

*Do you only photograph babies?

90% of what we photograph is pregnancy, babies, and small children. The other 10% is families, graduation pictures, weddings, and other requests we usually get from current clients. If you have something you'd like us to photograph, give us a call and we'll talk about it!

*Will you photograph in my home?

Absolutely! 80% of our sessions are done in the comfort of your own home. We have a studio in Los Angeles available and we still find our clients bringing the studio to the doorstep! All newborns are photographed in thier own environments for comfort and familarity purposes. We encourge all little ones to stay as close to thier environments as possible for the best mood, playfulness, and comfort.

*I have a small apartment. Is that okay?

No problem! The great thing about babies is that they are small! We can make any space work, even if you want to hop in the pictures as well! We've worked in so many different spaces that we want you to know that is not a concern!

*If I have a specific date in mind and you are booked should I still contact you?

Of course! Usually there are only two seperate time slots for each day. We will do our best to fit you in!

*What is the process of setting up a session?

First, call or send us a message through the website. We will respond to messages within 24 hours. If you are considering something last minute always call for the quickest response. Then, once we've chatted a bit about the occasion and your ideas we will set up a 30 min consultation to meet. After the consultation is over, we will see you soon on your session date!

Now, wasn't that easy?!

*What goes on at the consultation that we can't discuss over the phone?

Simply put, at the session we like to already know you, your baby, and your exact expectations for the final product. At the consultation we go in depth about pricing, packages and custom products, photography style, clothing, your ideas, our ideas, and any and all questions you may have. We also look at the space we will be using if the session is in your home. This sets a foundation for the session to run as smooth as it possibly can. We like you to be as comfortable with us as we want to be with you. Here you will secure the date and time for your session as well.

*Do I have to know if i want to book your services before a consultation?

No. We will go over what we have to offer with no obligation to secure a date at that time.

*How long until I can see the pictures?

There is a 7-14 day turn around time depending whether it is off season or we are booming from the holidays.

You will be presented with a slideshow at the viewing session. Please make sure that any potential buyers are present to make thier photo purchases.

*What if a family member wants to order prints, but cant make it to the viewing session?

No problem! We will host the images online for 30 days after your session. Additional prints and new orders may be placed during this time. All online albums are password protected for your privacy.

*There's an emergency and I have to cancel. Is this ok?

Of course we understand that emergencies happen. At the consultation you've secured your date and time so, we will hold on to the session fee and reschedule.

Are Gift Certificates available?

Yes! Here's a great gift idea for a mom-to-be: a newborn session and 25 birth announcements!

Please call us at (661) 477-1926 if you have any other questions!